US letter, risograph, commissioned

Opening Reception August 3rd, 2019

Handmade is a pop-up group exhibition of artist-made goods such as pottery, apparel, furniture, semi-functional sculpture, and more. The exhibition comes as a response to a widespread shift of artists getting back into basic craft. This movement cherishes contemporary works that expose the artist’s hand, palpably visible within the works produced. Handmade displays work on a spectrum of utility, recognizing that at times a conception of functionality is more powerful than real functionality.
Goods have a strong history with trade. In keeping with this foundation, Handmade was organized as a sale to explore the market in-between fine art and retail. This exhibition and sale is designed to acknowledge the importance of artists having a market outside of the gallery system, by creating new avenues for the trade of handmade goods and ideas amongst friends and peers.


digital, commissioned

July 5, 2020 


digital, commissioned

December 7, 2019

BOUNTY RISOGRAPH PRINT SALE “Hallway” & “Ground Floor”

A3, risograph, editions of 10, cellophane sleeve, cardstock

printed by pagemasters 2019

District Vision

motion graphics & design